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About us

In the must-see jewel of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nature Park Blidinje, you will find the catering facility- Hotel HajdučkeVrleti. The story of the Vrleti goes back to 1996, when a visionary set himself a clear goal – to create a place that will discreetly become a station on the journey of every destination-traveller and accidental passer-by, and become one of the leading hotels and restaurants in Herzegovina. Since its opening in 1999 until today the initial goal has been successfully achieved, precisely because of cherishing traditional cuisine of Herzegovina, a homey atmosphere and family-style approach to business. The history of HajdučkeVrleti also records numerous interesting traditions, cherished until the present day. The most prominent is the establishment of the Hajduk Republic of Mijat Tomić ( Hajdučka Republika Mijata Tomića ) in 2002 and the launch of the unique event called „Tell a good lie and stay alive“ in 2003, as well the international sporting event – Memorial Off-Road Rally Vinko Vukoja-Lastvić.

The utterly unique Hajdučke Vrleti Hotel, situated in a secluded and attractive location, represents a blend of remote centuries-old architecture, surprising natural beauty and tradition,creating a variety of experiences and relaxation that will satisfy even the most demanding guests. An experience beyond the ordinary. The beauty and quality ensure that no visitor will remain the same, no guest unchanged. This is certainly a miraculous place!

Hajdučke Vrleti
Hajdučke Vrleti
Hajdučke Vrleti
Hajdučke Vrleti Blidinje

Hajduk Republic of Mijat Tomić

The Republic was founded on June 5th, 2002. Hajdučke Vrleti is the capital, centre of power and seat of the government. The Hajduk Republic has sovereignty within its borders, stretching from the highest peak of Vran mountain to St. Anthony’s chapel and the crossroads Risovac–Kedžara. Establishing political parties and any involvement in politics in the Republic is strictly forbidden as it threatens the legal order and human health. The legal order is protected and guarded by the elite guard of hajduks. The Republic has its own currency, Constitution, flag, anthem and passports.

Hajducke Vrleti Blidinje
Dobro slaži i ostani živ

Event „Tell a good lie and stay alive“


„My dear people,

The Hajduk Republic of Mijat Tomić proclaims that the first competition of honest men in lying, titled “Tell a good lie and stay alive”, will be held on November 8th, 2003.

All honest and honourable lovers of truth that register on time with the Hajduk Republic of Mijat Tomić, in person or by phone, have the right to participate.

Competition rules :

1. All premature lies shall not be accepted.

2. All lies must be true, and the ranking will be decided by a jury of quality members.

3. Ten best truths will be awarded with appropriate awards.

4. All participants are entitled to two presentations.

5. Politicians are banned from the competition because they are professionals at lying and this is a competition for amateurs.

The competition will be held in Hajdučke Vrleti, in the Republic, starting at 20:30.“

This is how the announcement for the first “Tell a good lie and stay alive”competition looked like. Since then the competition has turned into a tradition, taking place each year, always on the first Saturday in November. Another tradition that forms part of the same event is the rich raffle, as well as a suitable music program with tamburitza players. Over the years, we have always held great interest among the general public and guests, making the competition extremely popular and Vrleti too small to accommodate all the guests interested in this event. The number of participants is almost always around 20, registering for participation on the spot. The jury consists of six to ten carefully selected members gathered together in the Council of Liars. The top three are awarded; the best among them receives local prosciutto, local wine and a goblet. We award other competitors with goblets and traditionally rich prizes for hajduks.

Plenty of fun and laughter, rich entertainment with tamburitza players and raffle with valuable prizes make this competition special and unique in the world.

Hajducke Vrleti Blidinje
Dobro slaži promo
Dobro slaži diploma
Dobro slaži pobjednik

International Memorial Off-Road Rally „Vinko Vukoja Lastvić“

Off-Road racing has been taking place on Blidinje for the past 15 years, and it is important to note that the first race of this kind ever to be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina took place precisely on Blidinje. Therefore we can rightfully say that the Herceg ProTeam is one of the founders of this sport in the country.

For the last nine years the name of the race was changed to Memorial Off-Road Rally to honour our member and long-standing club president, the tragically deceased, Vinko Vukoja Lastvić.

Year after year the race attracts an ever growing number of visitors and competitors, and we can definitely state that it occupies a top position in the country and the region judging by the quality of organisation of this type of race. High club ranking yielded an enormous reputation to the club and all of its members, which is why being part of this race, as a competitor or organiser, has become a matter of prestige.
Competitors from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Italy, Germany and other European countries are regular participants in the race. Over 150 crews compete in two categories – HARD and SOFT -forrichmonetary and other prizes.
The race also has a TOURIST category, for less capable vehicles and competitors who are not professional off roaders, in order to promote off-road sports and the beautiful landscape of the Nature Park Blidinje.

The race also registers a growing number of spectators year in year out, with several thousand spectators in attendance in the last race.

In terms of organisation, the race spans two days, Saturday and Sunday. The first day is the orientation part of the race; following precisely designated and measured tracks through the woods, the drivers navigate following a RoadBook, and go through precisely designated lap and time checks, winning stamps and points. This part of the rally consists of a series of special tests that the drivers go through, testing the readiness of the vehicles and the drivers.
The second day is reserved for the speed stage of the race; the drivers have one stage driven for time result, and win points based on their best result.

Members of the Off-Road Club Herceg Pro Team are successful off road drivers, achieving enviable results in every race, in both categories, and in team rankings.

There are six other race competitions taking place throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina annually and they attend each of those regularly and successfully.

Hajducke Vrleti Blidinje