Blidinje BB, Tomislavgrad 80240
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We offer accommodation in double bed and multi-share rooms. Staying in our hotel will allow you to experience the local homey atmosphere, and our rooms will provide you with a good night’s sleep.

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Inside a room

Accomodation pricing - Hajdučke Vrleti Blidinje

15.03 - 15.12.

Room type Overnight / Price per person Sojourn taxes
1/2 30,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/3 30,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/4 30,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/5 25,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/6 25,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/7 25,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/8 25,00 KM 1,60 KM

Group discounts:

Min 15 pax – 30 pax: 20,00 KM per person 

30+ pax: 15,00 KM per person

Hajducke Vrleti Blidinje

15.12 - 15.03.

Room type Overnight / Price per person Sojourn taxes
1/2 40,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/3 40,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/4 40,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/5 30,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/6 30,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/7 30,00 KM 1,60 KM
1/8 30,00 KM 1,60 KM

Group discounts:

Min 15 pax – 30 pax: 25,00 KM per person

30+ pax: 20,00 KM per person

Hajducke Vrleti Blidinje

Children under the age of three stay FREE of charge.

Children under the age of 12 pay 50% of the above prices and are exempt from paying the sojourn tax.

(1) Exempted from paying the sojourn tax are the following:

a) Children under the age of twelve,

b) Persons with severe sensory and bodily difficulties (the blind, the death, the dystrophic, etc.),

c) Persons referred to spa and air spa treatments, i.e. specialized rehabilitation, by a competent medical committee,

d) Seasonal workers with registered stay in a tourist location,

e) Persons staying in the accommodation longer than 30 days continuously,

f) Participants of school trips, i.e. students whose stay is school organised and universities within regular programs, sports and cultural events,

g) Foreign nationals who are exempt from paying taxes further to international conventions and agreements;

h) Foreign nationals arriving in an organised manner through humanitarian organisations in order to provide humanitarian assistance,

(2) Persons from paragraph 1 of this Article do not pay sojourn tax if they submit evidence that they meet the requirements from the said paragraph (membership card, school certificate, doctor’s referral slip, etc. )

(3) Persons from 12 to 26 years of age pay 50% of the sojourn tax.

Meals are not included in the prices, and are paid additionally / as per consumption.

Group meals are arranged upon request.

Reservations are made through the official phone number for reservations:

063 / 304 – 603

or official email:

All reservations are subject to an internal rulebook for reservations and guests.

This pricelist was made electronically and is valid without stamp and signature.

Hajducke Vrleti Blidinje
Inside of a room
Inside of a room