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Nature park Blidninje

Nature Park Blidinje is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina; in the high mountains of the central Dinaric Alps, and covers the area of mountain ranges of Čvrsnica and Vran. Administratively, it belongs to three cantons of Herzegovina and to five different municipalities. Owing to its geomorphological features, wealth of flora and fauna, and beautiful pristine nature, this area was declared a nature park on 24 March 1995. Around 1 500 different plant species, more than 200 of which are endemic, relic and sub-endemic, have been registered in this unique area. Nature Park Blidinje is also known as the largest habitat of the endemic white bark pine Pinus heldreichii.

The territory of Nature Park Blidinje is the home to many natural and cultural sites such as Blidinjsko lake, Herzegovina’s mountain giants of Čvrsnica and Vran with their own nature monuments, stećak necropolis, fresh water sources, hajduk MijatTomić’s cave, the tomb of Diva Grabovčeva …

If you are looking for a good place to relax and breathe clean air, Blidinje is definitely the right choice for you.Only an hour and a half drive away from the seaside, this Herzegovinian excursion site boasts preserved environment and unique sights of mountains Vran and Čvrsnica. If you choose this destination, you will be making an excellent move to eliminate stress as a consequence of the modern way of life.

The eco-oasis ambiance attracts tourists and day-travellers in all four seasons, because skiing, sledding or snow-ball fighting on the slopes of the Čvrsnica Mountain is equally attractive as the spring or summer season are for enjoying the charms of Blidinje Lake and other sites of Blidinje.

Blidinje is the call of beauty and health, it is truly hard to tell whether the call is felt more strongly in the spring and summer, when this area is a large bouquet of landscapes and everything is fragrant and relaxes the eyes and the soul;or in the winter when the entire mountain is draped in unbelievably pleasing white – when it is hard to arrive but even harder to break away from the winter idyll and go back to the prosaicness of the everyday life …

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